Employment — Tweite's Family Farm

Employment Opportunities

If you enjoy the great outdoors and like working with people in a beautiful Fall setting, consider a part time position at Tweite’s Family Farm.

We are in the entertainment business which means people pay us for “fun”. As an employee, you will interact with people who are looking for fun, family-friendly activities. It’s our job to make sure they get started exploring quickly, find the services they need throughout the day, and have fun throughout their visit. All we have to do is take care of them. Every year we have more applicants than we can possibly hire, so if you’re not up for smiling and helping people for eight hours a day we prefer you not apply.

We are always looking for reliable, friendly employees for the Fall season, and can assure you that working at Tweite’s Family Farm can be a fun and rewarding experience.

You must be at least 14 years old to work at Tweite’s and must be able to work ALL OPEN WEEKENDS Sept. 21 – Oct. 20 and during MEA Oct. 17, 18 to be considered for employment. Group interviews August 24th, orientation September 7th and training as needed weeks of Sept. 9-13, 16-18. All who are hired must be able to attend an orientation meeting.

No experience?
Don’t worry. Tweite’s Farm provides on-the-job training for all positions. Review the application to see what positions are available.

All applicants are required to complete an application prior to employment at Tweite’s Family Farm. When Tweite’s Family Farm receives your application it will be routed to the Human Resources Department for consideration.Should your background meet the overall requirements for the position, you will be contacted by email/phone to set up a time for an interview. While we appreciate your enthusiasm, please do not call to check the status of our application, as this will delay the process.

View job descriptions and submit an on-line application here.