Closed for the 2017 Season!
Thank you for another great year. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

Tweite’s Fun Park

Tweite’s Family Farm is more than just a pumpkin patch it’s a great way for the whole family to get out side, have fun and create a ton of memories.

Why Play? Play sparks imagination. Play builds character. Play helps build strong bodies and a solid brain architecture that sets the stage for lifelong health and learning. Research has underscored this time and time again. It’s time to take a stand that says, Play is more than just fun – it is how we learn and grow.”

Tweite’s Fun Park Attractions Include:

Fun Park 3
Fun Park 2
Fun Park 1
Fun Park 6
Fun Park 5

Fun Park 10
Fun Park 11
Fun Park 12

  • Unlimited Wagon Rides!
  • Pumpkin 500 – Trike Racing Track
  • Ahoy Matey Pirate Ship
  • Knights and Dragons 3 Tower Castle
  • Fort Thomas
  • Spookley Rope Maze
  • Bolo
  • Cowboy Rope a Steer
  • Olivia’s Orange Tunnels
  • Farm Agility Park
  • Uncle Tim’s Talking Tubes
  • Sister Sue’s Swings
  • Rope Mountain
  • Farmers Balance
  • White Tunnels
  • Cousin Clem’s Tire Climb
  • The Game Zones
  • Barn Yard Bowling
  • Harold’s Hockey
  • Giant Dominos
  • Connect Four
  • Tina’s Tick Tac Toe
  • Cousin Charlie’s Checkers
  • Farmer Jakes Jenga
  • Tweite’s Tricky Triangle
  • Farm Hand Bean Bag Toss
  • Board Walk Climb
  • Biggest Checker Board Ever
  • Horse Swings
  • Grandpas Horse and Wagon
  • Little Wranglers Stick Horses
  • Silo Sand Boxes
  • NEW Tweite’s Theater
  • Human Gerbil Cage
  • Indian Bones Dino Dig
  • 60 Foot Dinosaur Skeleton
  • Three Sand Box Slide
  • Molly’s Mad Hoppers
  • Giant Chair
  • Cool Buss
  • Punkin Hollar
  • Mount bug-a-boo
  • Find the Gnomes and Fairies
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Harvest Town
  • Sawyer’s Builders Corner
  • Water Play
  • Finger Mazes
  • Titus’ Tree House Slide
  • Pete’s Plane
  • Calvin’s Cars
  • Tuckers Trucks
  • Connor’s Tractors
  • Ball Drop
  • Daisy’s Bridge
  • Observation Point
  • Rope-a-Steer
  • The Umpa Phone
  • Fun Mirrors
  • Matisse’s Monster Truck
  • Cobra Climb
  • Celebration of Sound
  • Corah’s Chimes
  • Dave’s Drums
  • Cow Bell Ring
  • I Like it When
  • Humongous Three Wheeler
  • The “BIG” Slide and Rope Maze
  • Look Out Point
  • Huge Sand Box
  • Life Size Lincoln Logs
  • Great Photo Opportunities
  • Grace’s Giant Board Games
  • Build a Scare Crow
  • Punkin Holler
  • Pumpkin Tic Tac Tow
  • Pumpkin Checkers

Old McGeezers Golf – Extra charge, but included with Ultimate Combo!

Fun Park 4
Fun Park 7

Tweite’s Fun Park Admission is $10.00 or Want to enjoy Tweite’s 12 Acre Corn Maze and Fun Park? Add some food, Old McGeezer’s Golf, and the opportunity to come back do it all again on another visit during the 2017 season. The Ultimate Combo is for you!