Closed for the 2016 Season. Thank you for another great year! See you in 2017!

12 Acre Adventure Corn Maze!

Our amazin’ly large 12 acre corn field be an adventure in itself! Be prepared to GET LOST as ye venture ye way through th’ corn maze field. When ye enter th’ maze ye gunna receive a map ‘o th’ maze just in case ye get lost. As ye navigate th’ maze ye gunna give a go’ to find various checkpoints. When ye find a checkpoint ye gunna also find a rubbin’ station to fill out ye battle card. If ye find all th’ checkpoints ye be entered to win a prize

CornMaze3This year’s Maze: Is the “Pirate MAZE”! This maze is designed for fun of any age. At first glance, you may see that dead ends exist in the maze and the entrance and exit are different locations. But the challenge of this maze is not to simply get through but to find all 9 checkpoints. With a staggering 3.1 miles of paths you will completely lose your sense of direction. But don’t worry about getting too lost. Every participant is provided with a map and emergency phone number to help find the entrance or exit, for those who do not want to be lost forever.

Or if ye want to read in scurvy pirate spy wit’ ye eye below

’tis year Maze: be th’ Pirate MAZE! ’tis maze be designed fer a ruckas ‘o any age. At first glance, ye may spy wit’ ye eye that in Davy Jones’ treasure chest ends exist in th’ maze ‘n th’ entrance ‘n exit be different locations. But th’ challenge ‘o ’tis maze be not to simply get through but to find all 9 checkpoints. wit’ a staggerin’ 3.1 miles ‘o paths ye gunna completely lose ye sense ‘o direction. But don’t worry ’bout gettin’ too lost. Every participant be provided wit’ a map ‘n emergency long distance parrots number to help find th’ entrance or exit, fer them who do not want to be lost forever.

Corn Maze on your Smartphone?

You bet! This technology debuted in 2013, and now you can turn your smart phone into a GPS easily, on your phone. We have some really cool new technology that will allow you to get your maze map right on your smartphone.

12-Acre Corn Maze Admission is $8.00 or Want to enjoy Tweite’s Fun Park and 12 Acre Corn Maze, add some food, Old McGeezer’s Golf, and the opportunity to come back do it all again on another visit during the 2016 season. The Ultimate combo is for you!

* All ticket sales are final*
*Last person to enter the maze 1 1/2 hours before posted closing time*

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